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  • In my previous blog about Login PI3 I showed how to install and configure Login PI 3. In this blog I will show you how to create new applications in Login PI 3 and will show you how to add basic steps for that application. In this article I will use SumatraPDF (because it is my favorite PDF viewer) as an example, you can replace SumtraPDF with your own application as wanted.
    Login VSI Performance Login PI3 Monitoring Created Wed, 22 Jan 2020 14:00:28 +0200
  • On the sixth of November 2018 Login VSI introduced the Release of Login PI 3. In this blog I will take you with me during my exploration of this new version of Login PI. Version 3 of Login PI is been designed and built from scratch. The need for a windows server to run the application on is gone. Login PI 3 is based on an appliance. To be able to run the appliance you will need ESX 5.
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  • In my lab I have Login PI running to do research. While looking at the dashboard I noticed the following thing, normally logon and running times are around 12~14 seconds. Since an x period the Logon and running times went up to around ~60 seconds (see first pictrure, at point 1) Because I have RES WM also running in my Lab i was quite easy to do troubleshooting on what was causing the slower logon times.
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