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  • I recently was involved in an assignment which involved upgrading Immidio Flex+ to VMware UEM. This upgrade is fairly simple, but can be pretty annoying for end-users, where an upgrade may impact their user experience. First of all, I will try to explain what group policy extensions are and what they do. Group Policy extensions are extension (well duh) of the standard Microsoft Group Policy objects. They rely on the group policy service, have their own .
    Group Policy Extension Tips Tricks Upgrade Created Wed, 13 Dec 2017 14:00:28 +0200
  • This week I was at a customer to help them with a NetScaler upgrade. The customer was on a 10.5 firmware and wanted (had to) upgrade to 11.1. So far no problem there.. They have a NetScaler Acces Gateway license, no problem either.. They wanted customization on the Gateway portal, hey no problem. They wanted some links and text on the gateway portal, no problem. Uuuh problem! After upgrading the secondary appliance, failing it over and applying the rewrite rules, nothing appeared on the Gateway portal.
    NetScaler Customize Troubleshooting Tips Tricks Created Thu, 08 Sep 2016 14:00:28 +0200
  • Do you recognize the following? You get a call for support about an issue an user is experiencing. The service desk provides you with some information in the call, but you require more information. Especially, how to reproduce the error? At this point you can do two things. The first is go to the service desk, ask them to call the user and let them figure out what the user is doing to get the error.
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  • Whilst working on a vdisk image for our XenApp hosted desktops I encountered an issue while converting the physical disk to vdisk. Since we are using PVS6.1 and I couldn’t find much info about the error I was getting. It made me search on the internet and found the following: source (consulted on 23-10-2013 13:00) Conversion of the disk does work(I get VSS_E_INSUFFICIENT_STORAGE errors though), I found it funny that Citrix boldly claims that XenConvert 2.
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