Ferry/Good-To-Know NetScaler

Created Thu, 08 Sep 2016 14:00:28 +0200

This week I was at a customer to help them with a NetScaler upgrade. The customer was on a 10.5 firmware and wanted (had to) upgrade to 11.1. So far no problem there.. They have a NetScaler Acces Gateway license, no problem either.. They wanted customization on the Gateway portal, hey no problem. They wanted some links and text on the gateway portal, no problem. Uuuh problem!

After upgrading the secondary appliance, failing it over and applying the rewrite rules, nothing appeared on the Gateway portal..

I suspected Integrated Caching.. As I said, the customer has a NetScaler Access Gateway license. This does not support Integrated caching. When viewing the unlicensed features and looking at Integrated Caching, I did see hits on the default cache groups.

What I did to solve the issue is I went to the gateway portal, opened up the caching policies Good To know

Opened the _cacheVPNStaticOBject Good To know

And changed the Actions to NONCACHE Good To know

After exiting the Gateway Portal setup and refreshing the portal through the internet the rewrite rule was working. As last action I have set the Caching policy back to CACHE.