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  • While I was working on a side project I found the need to have some kind of logging while using my Spoof User Profile program. I did some code editing and now the new version of the Spoof User Profile program uses logging when switching the state key(s). The path of logging is made configurable, in two ways: By using a environment variable SPOOF: By using a parameter /LOC= The /LOC takes precedence over the evironment variable.
    Workplace Profiles UEM Tools Spoof User Profile Created Mon, 26 Mar 2018 14:00:28 +0200
  • I was aiding a co-worker with some profile management stuff in a PoC he was doing on Windows 10 and Server 2016. Pointed him out to Workplace and Profiles. He got going with it implemented everything and came back to me with the remark that everything works, but they have a second state key in the registry that has a backup tack between brackets (see picture) As you can see there is a State [Backup] entry existant in the registry, this also needs to be set to the correct value.
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  • Workplace and profiles Working with Citrix XenApp, Microsoft Remote Desktop Services, or other types of workplace can be challenging when it comes to managing profiles. Most of the times mandatory profiles are used in these types of environments, but every time a user logs off their settings are flushed. Users are keen on there settings so there comes user profile visualization in to play. Tools that can virtualize user settings are Microsoft UEV, Appsense, VMWare UEM and RES Workspace Manager.
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