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  • In a previous blog I wrote about adding a footer to the NetScaler gateway. Since that post Citrix included the RfWebUI theme Citrix has posted a support article how to add a footer to this theme. Specifically from that article the following piece of code is extracted add rewrite action rw_act_insert_loginfooter_2 insert_after_all "HTTP.RES.BODY(120000).SET_TEXT_MODE(IGNORECASE)" q{"(\"<div style='text-align:center;color:white;font-size:15px;'>Experiencing technical difficulties?<br>Open the"+" <a style='color:white;text-decoration:underline' href='http://citrix.com'>Citrix Guide</a> or Report an issue to the"+" <a style='color:white;text-decoration:underline' href='mailto:xyz@citrix.
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  • Recently I have been involved at a customer where we did the NetScaler Gateway implementation. Our good practise is to make sure that we lease the internet accessible IP’s with atleast an A rating in SSL Labs. At the customer I was involved a Pentest was conducted. The pentest was pretty thourough (as expected) and came with a few recommandations. A few of the recommandations related to the HTTP header the NetScaler sends back.
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  • This week I was at a customer to help them with a NetScaler upgrade. The customer was on a 10.5 firmware and wanted (had to) upgrade to 11.1. So far no problem there.. They have a NetScaler Acces Gateway license, no problem either.. They wanted customization on the Gateway portal, hey no problem. They wanted some links and text on the gateway portal, no problem. Uuuh problem! After upgrading the secondary appliance, failing it over and applying the rewrite rules, nothing appeared on the Gateway portal.
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  • In older versions of NetScaler when wanting to customize the Gateway portal we did customize files etc. With NetScaler 11 there is the portal themes function, making it easy to customize to a certain amount. But you cannot go further then the standard options in the portal themes function. Recently at a customer I got the question how they could add some links under the logon portion of the Gateway.
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