A while ago I updated my SBC servers and installed IE11 on Server 2008R2. Having WM2014 on my lab servers to maintain my user settings across the SBC servers, I started to notice that my cookies aren't being roamed.
Until recently I saw a posting on twitter that the issue is supposed to be solved with a solution at RESguru.

It comes down to the following:

Since IE10 the webcacheV01.dat file is introduced (located at localappdata\microsoft\windows\WebCache), this file needs to be saved, included with the cookie files, cookies are stored in appdata\microsoft\Windows\Cookies on Server 2008R2 and Windows 7. On Win8/server 2012R2 and up cookies are stored in localappdata\microsoft\windows\INetCookies.

Both the cookies and webcacheV01 file have to roam with the user and that is where the solution on RESguru comes in. All credits go to mr Rob Aarts for the solution, the whole deal is explained in the posting on RESguru.

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Whilst working on a vdisk image for our XenApp hosted desktops I encountered an issue while converting the physical disk to vdisk. Since we are using PVS6.1 and I couldn't find much info about the error I was getting. It made me search on the internet and  found the following:

(source consulted on 23-10-2013 13:00)

Conversion of the disk does work(I get VSS_E_INSUFFICIENT_STORAGE errors though), I found it funny that Citrix boldly claims that XenConvert 2.5 is compatible with PVS6.1 and the target device software only has 2.4.1 included.

Turns out I got the VSS_E_INSUFFICIENT_STORAGE errors because I had a "system preserved" partition on my primary disk. Because the system preserved partition was 100mb in size it felt outside the size of the vdisk, xenconvert was trying to create. I deleted that partition (using this article), run xenconvert and everything is GO now.

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