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As stated in my previous blog I also use Login PI in my lab to do research and monitoring of my desktop environment.

Recently I have updated the PDF reader in my lab environment. I was using Adobe Reader XI and updated to Adobe Reader DC. We all know that Adobe Reader isn't the quickest application to start and it has a lot of stuff included that isn't necessarily needed to do the basic PDF reading.

To my surprise I started to see in Login PI that the startup times (at the red circle) for the adobe application increased from ~2.5 seconds with Adobe Reader XI to ~4.5 seconds with Adobe Reader DC.

After seeing that I packaged SumatraPDF which is a very lightweight reader. After implementing the reader in my lab I saw this behavior already:

The startup time for Adobe(or PDF) went down from ~4.5 seconds to ~1.5 seconds cutting down the original startup time with 1 second and the startup time compared to Adobe Reader DC with 3 seconds.

Conclusion to this story: