In my lab I have Login PI running to do research. While looking at the dashboard I noticed the following thing, normally logon and running times are around 12~14 seconds. Since an x period the Logon and running times went up to around ~60 seconds (see first pictrure, at point 1)

Picture One, depracation of logon time

Because I have RES WM also running in my Lab i was quite easy to do troubleshooting on what was causing the slower logon times.

RES WM Eventlog, slow


After seeing the above RES WM eventlog, I was pointed towards the file server serving home directories and personal settings share. For ease of deployment I used my Domain Controller as file server. Last week I installed PKI and started to sign my Domain Controllers, which made file transfer from my DC very slow. After installing a new file server and moving all folders Logon times came back to normal (see the first picture, point 2, and the picture below)

After File server migration

Without Login PI I wouldn't have noticed the deprecation of login performance in my Lab. You can imagine how Login PI can add value for your organisation.

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