Whilst working on a vdisk image for our XenApp hosted desktops I encountered an issue while converting the physical disk to vdisk. Since we are using PVS6.1 and I couldn't find much info about the error I was getting. It made me search on the internet and  found the following:

(source consulted on 23-10-2013 13:00)

Conversion of the disk does work(I get VSS_E_INSUFFICIENT_STORAGE errors though), I found it funny that Citrix boldly claims that XenConvert 2.5 is compatible with PVS6.1 and the target device software only has 2.4.1 included.

Turns out I got the VSS_E_INSUFFICIENT_STORAGE errors because I had a "system preserved" partition on my primary disk. Because the system preserved partition was 100mb in size it felt outside the size of the vdisk, xenconvert was trying to create. I deleted that partition (using this article), run xenconvert and everything is GO now.

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